Baby Hoage

Alas!! I am no longer pregnant! I know you’ve all been anticipating delivery updates, or at least I’d like to think so!! Here’s some little tid bit eye candy to hold you over until we meet again!!
Our little BOY …
Gideon Zion Hoage arrived on February 24th at 4:37pm. He weighed 6.14lbs and is 19.5inches



I’m in love with this little boy, being a mommy is the best life has to offer. And although I miss having my hands in hair, I’m not in a hurry to get back. I’m soaking in every moment one minute at a time..

Until I open up appointments in May, Kelly is still available to beautify you in the Studio!!


Baby Hoage

Alas!! I am no longer pregnant!
Gideon Zion Hoage arrived on February 24th at 4:37pm. He weighed 6.14lbs and is 19.5inches



I’m in love with this little boy, being a mommy is the best life has to offer. And although I miss having my hands in hair, I’m not in a hurry to get back. I’m soaking in every moment one minute at a time..

Until I open up appointments in May, Kelly is still available to beautify you in the Studio!!

On leave

Hey there. I just wanted to leave a friendly reminder for all of you. I will be on maternity leave from now until the first week of May!! My schedule is open for booking starting in May but hours are subject to change. I will keep everybody updated. Thank you for your continued support and all of your love through this new season!!

If you’re desperately needing to get in the chair, Kelly is available and so excited to serve you! You can book online with her at

Have no fear, Kelly is here.

Welcome back… I’ve got great news for you! The studio is growing by two MORE hands! And NO, we’re not having twins!! We’re adding a new stylist to the studio… silly.

As most of you know, my husband and I are expecting a baby in February. Which means.. yes, I will be taking a maternity leave…the amount of time I will be away is not yet determined. Normally, I would have a really difficult time stepping away from you (awesome, beautiful, fun and loyal clients) It’s not easy to do and I promise Im not abandoning you guys. I just need to make sure I have enough time to recover in a healthy manner, not to mention adjusting to our new lives as parents! If youre anything like me, having to adapt to new situations/circumstances can be difficult!
BUT..Have no fear, Kelly is here!! During my absence, she will be holding down the fort with a beautiful spirit and lots of spunk!!!

My last day in the salon is supposed to be Feb 7th. At this point, doctor has anticipated an early arrival so, that is subject to change. You’ll be notified if appointment changes need to be made.
If I have to cancel last minute, I apologize for any inconveniences!! However, we can reschedule you with Kelly, at the studio, beginning in February!

Because of her dedication and fiery passion, I am 100% comfortable and confident in passing her the baton.  I trust her with every guest, and I know she will provide you with a memorable experience!

Kelly has been immursed in the beauty industry since graduating beauty school in 2004. With extensive training and over 10 years experience, she has become a well known cosmetology professional, master stylist, and team crew educator. After a few moves across country and a short leave of absence, she is excited to get her heart back in the industry and her hands back in some hair.

Please feel free to check out her profile and book your next appointment with her online at

If you have any questions/concerns, either of us will be more than happy to address them.

Adding a new hat

Im excited to share with everyone publicly that my husband and I are expecting a lil bundle of joy!! We just celebrated our one year anniversary and have wasted no time adding to our family… The babies official due date is February 17, 2016.


Obviously, We’re hoping and praying for a delivery within the estimated due date. But we’re also preparing for the unexpected. Because of this we will be putting a disclaimer on all appointments made between January- February. I plan on being behind the chair until it’s no longer possible.

**DISCLAIMER: If I go into labor and baby decides to arrive earlier than Feb 15th, -OR- have any complications prior to delivery, your appointment is subject to be cancelled without an immediate rescheduling. 

Yes, I will be taking a maternity leave. The time of my absence will be dependent upon recovery (physically but also emotionally and mentally) Being a new parent it seems as if everything is going to be up in the air!! It could be 6 weeks, it could be 12 weeks. No matter what, I promise to keep you all updated! I’ve been looking for another part time stylist to occupy the studio and take appointments while I’m gone. If I am not able to find someone, I will provide recommended professionals to my clients during my leave.

If you’re a new client and/or have purchased a groupon please feel free to call me so we can discuss our options.

Sundays are now available for bookings. 11-5pm

New policies for booking appointments

As a professional I do my very best to respect and honor your time, I ask that you do the same for me. I am a interdependent stylist, which means, I function independent from a company/corporation but the lively hood of my business is soley dependent on my clients. Unfortunately, time is money, meaning, I can’t put food on my table if no one is in my chair. If you book an appointment with me PLEASE follow through. I understand that things come up and this concept works both ways! I’m not excluding myself from mistakes or emergencies.. sometimes things just happen, that’s life and I’m not a stranger to it. In the beauty industry no call no shows are to be expected. Unfortunately, It’s something I’ve recently experienced at a high volume. Because of this I am forced to implement a new policy. Any clients that do not show up for their appointment, and do not call/text to let me know at least 60 minutes in advanced, WILL BE CHARGED for half of the expected full service ticket amount. At the time of booking all clients will be required to provide a credit card number directly through me or
(The system is safe and protected, I have my own information on there as well.. it’s trusted) if you have an issue providing your credit card information please contact me directly. Consistency is the name of the game.. This policy will be applied to all new and existing clientele. Thank you for understanding.

Happy Fall to all you Punkinss!

Welcome to my page/blog! If this is your first time visiting, I am so happy to informally meet you here. If you are returning and just checking out the scene, not a lot has changed. It has been forever and a day since I posted last. . This blogging thing is a lot harder to keep on than I had anticipated!! So…  Whats going on in the wonderful world of Chelsea Elle?!?!

As most of you know I freelance outside of the studio doing bridal hair and makeup during peak wedding season. Its been an amazing 6+ months!!! Business has grown in ways I never thought possible and I really couldn’t be happier. Its so surreal to see my schedule as full as it has been this year. I’ve had the opportunity to work along side talented professionals, expanding my knowledge in styling and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. During this time I’ve met so many amazing brides && their loved ones, friends/family. To each and every one of you who I have come into contact with, you have truly added value to my life. Thank you for trusting me with your appearance on such a big day!!

As fall approaches the wedding season is slowly coming to a close. Part of me dies inside… and the other part of me, well, she celebrates. Wearing one less hat for a few months will allow me to provide undivided attention to my clients while I’m behind the chair. Through the wedding season, weekend appointments in salon have been almost unheard of, which is extremely difficult and inconvenient for you and your schedules. I owe each and every one of my loyal clients a huge THANK YOU, Thank you for sticking out the season and hanging with the chaos. As weddings come to a close (usually end of October)  I will be opening up availability for appointments on Fridays/Saturdays!! Until then, I will continue to work my best to be flexible. You’re important to me and I’d like to ensure appointment bookings when possible, I’ll be as accommodating as I possibly can be.