Makeup BLOGG ♡ begins now.

Lets start off fresh! You want a flawless makeup application?? Start here. Your world is about to change in 2 simple steps.

It is important and imperative that you begin your makeup applications with a clean and healthy canvas. If you choose not to do this, chances are your end results will show the proof… either take my word for it or prove it to yourself. Im a huge believer in testing everything. Theres a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge.. exercise your rights, girl.

Just remember, you’re paying for this.(If not financially you might be sacrificing in other ways, embarrassment, lack of confidence.. etc) My biggest advice, please don’t limit yourself in your potential.. start fresh and give yourself the freedom to create.

So what does it mean to have a clean canvas?? No dirt, no grime and no left over evidence of yesterday’s sorrows. First, I recommended cleansing and cleaning at night. Yes, Every. Single. Night… not only to remove ALL of your makeup but also to allow your skin to breathe, get rid of the dirt you picked up throughout the day. From the air, your hands, YOUR PHONE? Ewww.

After washing, try to rebalance your skins PH (with a toner) and ALWAYS remoistureize!!

Good Night.

**go get yo beauty sleep queen**

Good Morning.

Then again, yes again, in the morning.. rinse or wash to remove dirt and excess oil (from bedding perhaps, when was the last time you changed those pillow cases doll?) Washing in the am can be coupled with exfoliation (if necessary, the removal of dead skin cells will allow for a smooth application) Finishing your am rinse with cool water will help tighten your skin and refresh your soul.. just do it.

Healthy skin. Please do yourself a favor and go visit a professional.

Theres SOOO MANY different complex skin situations you could find yourself in. A certified, trained and licensed Esthetician will be the only trusted individual to navigate these waters with!

If you’re in the Denver area I’ve partnered with one of my bestie estis.. click here to book with Believe in Yourself Spa. Mention “Chelsea Elle” and receive your first facial for $40.00, you’ll also receive 10% off product purchases.

I cannot stress this enough my friends. You’ve got to care for that canvas… protect your skin, protect your face.

Its the money maker.

Stay around for more tips/tricks ♡ classes coming soon!


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