Finally coloring inside the lines 

Most recently I feel like I’ve mastered a part of my craft I’ve been chasing after for years. Coloring hair had never been my favorite part of being a hairstylist. I’ve always preferred cutting hair because I always get a gratifying result.  I know if I over direct a certain way I’m going to get exactly what I’m anticipating.  Its not that way with coloring, unless you’re a master colorist (#goals) anyways, it can be really hard. There’s sooooooo much that goes into it, there’s been many times I’ve wanted to give up!  Not only is it chemistry but you’ve really got to think and problem solve on the fly! After years of struggling through trial and error,  learning from discoveries and giving away free services to compensate for my mistakes I’m finally getting a grip. And the best part about it, I’m cranking out my clients desired end results like a boss. Just thought I’d share my success,  I’m praising the hair God today and relishing in confidence. . . 
Thanks for sticking with me and always challenging me. Xx  love you all dearly. 

Cheers to a dope formulation and full processing time!


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