Beauty and Brains 

So,  it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. And I’m pretty sure every single blog post begins this way… lol 

I swear I have brilliant ideas and so many exciting things to share with all of you but somehow they never seen to find the surface!  

I adore my career people!! AbsolutelyLOVEit. 

Between freelancing with Miss Darci Amundson to weddings with YOUR GLAM TEAM and back behind the chair again at Sola ARVADA, I get to meet so many different individuals from so many different backgrounds! I ask questions, lots of questions. Not only about hair and makeup but also about their lives. Selfishly its because I know there’s stil so much to learn but tenderly, I also really care. I want to know your life. The deepest, darkest parts. The beauty rising out of ashes and every single triumph. 

I take these ‘client’ relationships so very seriously, (really you guys are secretly my best friends) if that’s ever questionable I apoligize and ask for another chance!  

 Most recently I encountered a brunette ((dye))ing to be blonde. 


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