Have no fear, Kelly is here.

Welcome back… I’ve got great news for you! The studio is growing by two MORE hands! And NO, we’re not having twins!! We’re adding a new stylist to the studio… silly.

As most of you know, my husband and I are expecting a baby in February. Which means.. yes, I will be taking a maternity leave…the amount of time I will be away is not yet determined. Normally, I would have a really difficult time stepping away from you (awesome, beautiful, fun and loyal clients) It’s not easy to do and I promise Im not abandoning you guys. I just need to make sure I have enough time to recover in a healthy manner, not to mention adjusting to our new lives as parents! If youre anything like me, having to adapt to new situations/circumstances can be difficult!
BUT..Have no fear, Kelly is here!! During my absence, she will be holding down the fort with a beautiful spirit and lots of spunk!!!

My last day in the salon is supposed to be Feb 7th. At this point, doctor has anticipated an early arrival so, that is subject to change. You’ll be notified if appointment changes need to be made.
If I have to cancel last minute, I apologize for any inconveniences!! However, we can reschedule you with Kelly, at the studio, beginning in February!

Because of her dedication and fiery passion, I am 100% comfortable and confident in passing her the baton.  I trust her with every guest, and I know she will provide you with a memorable experience!

Kelly has been immursed in the beauty industry since graduating beauty school in 2004. With extensive training and over 10 years experience, she has become a well known cosmetology professional, master stylist, and team crew educator. After a few moves across country and a short leave of absence, she is excited to get her heart back in the industry and her hands back in some hair.

Please feel free to check out her profile and book your next appointment with her online at

If you have any questions/concerns, either of us will be more than happy to address them.


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