New policies for booking appointments

As a professional I do my very best to respect and honor your time, I ask that you do the same for me. I am a interdependent stylist, which means, I function independent from a company/corporation but the lively hood of my business is soley dependent on my clients. Unfortunately, time is money, meaning, I can’t put food on my table if no one is in my chair. If you book an appointment with me PLEASE follow through. I understand that things come up and this concept works both ways! I’m not excluding myself from mistakes or emergencies.. sometimes things just happen, that’s life and I’m not a stranger to it. In the beauty industry no call no shows are to be expected. Unfortunately, It’s something I’ve recently experienced at a high volume. Because of this I am forced to implement a new policy. Any clients that do not show up for their appointment, and do not call/text to let me know at least 60 minutes in advanced, WILL BE CHARGED for half of the expected full service ticket amount. At the time of booking all clients will be required to provide a credit card number directly through me or
(The system is safe and protected, I have my own information on there as well.. it’s trusted) if you have an issue providing your credit card information please contact me directly. Consistency is the name of the game.. This policy will be applied to all new and existing clientele. Thank you for understanding.


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