Happy Fall to all you Punkinss!

Welcome to my page/blog! If this is your first time visiting, I am so happy to informally meet you here. If you are returning and just checking out the scene, not a lot has changed. It has been forever and a day since I posted last. . This blogging thing is a lot harder to keep on than I had anticipated!! So…  Whats going on in the wonderful world of Chelsea Elle?!?!

As most of you know I freelance outside of the studio doing bridal hair and makeup during peak wedding season. Its been an amazing 6+ months!!! Business has grown in ways I never thought possible and I really couldn’t be happier. Its so surreal to see my schedule as full as it has been this year. I’ve had the opportunity to work along side talented professionals, expanding my knowledge in styling and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. During this time I’ve met so many amazing brides && their loved ones, friends/family. To each and every one of you who I have come into contact with, you have truly added value to my life. Thank you for trusting me with your appearance on such a big day!!

As fall approaches the wedding season is slowly coming to a close. Part of me dies inside… and the other part of me, well, she celebrates. Wearing one less hat for a few months will allow me to provide undivided attention to my clients while I’m behind the chair. Through the wedding season, weekend appointments in salon have been almost unheard of, which is extremely difficult and inconvenient for you and your schedules. I owe each and every one of my loyal clients a huge THANK YOU, Thank you for sticking out the season and hanging with the chaos. As weddings come to a close (usually end of October)  I will be opening up availability for appointments on Fridays/Saturdays!! Until then, I will continue to work my best to be flexible. You’re important to me and I’d like to ensure appointment bookings when possible, I’ll be as accommodating as I possibly can be.


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