Springg is hurrr

Hello and Happy Spring!! Well, kind of, I am anticipating another snow storm or two but in the mean time, isn’t this 70 degree weather magnificent?! I am loving every ray of that succulent sunshine.

Starting off I’d like to give a warm welcome to first time visitors and new potential clients- Thank you for visiting my page! Second, THANK YOU to all the new guests that have visited us at Classic Beauty! Our spa wouldn’t be thriving without you, it has been such a privilege getting to know you and we definitely look forward to your return.

My heart is happy.. Starting off a new season is so EXCITING, Right?! This week we finally got to fire up the grill and bust out our cramped up camping chairs. I have long awaited the enjoyment of the back patio. If you’re anything like me, you too, feel like a brand new human being. I like to call our breed “solar powered.”  Life is blooming and I can literally smell the beautiful buzz of adventure in the air! OH- and I hate to put a damper on things but ….. Just wait, you’ll also start to notice the changes with your hair.

I’m glad I got to share my sun kissed enthusiasm with you but I’m really here to share a few crucial tips… please prevent seasonal hair damage!

1. Stay Hydrated.
-Water is essential to life! On average, in Colorado, men need to be consuming about 3 liters and women about 2.2! A healthy dose of daily H2O promotes shinier hair, younger skin and a healthier body.

2. UV Protection.
-Yes, SPF for your hair! Prep your scalp and locks with sunscreen, every time. External elements, such as the sun are one of the leading causes of color fade. Many of Paul Mitchell’s base/styling products contain sunflower extract, which helps prevent damage using reflective technologies.

3. Rinse & Repeat.
-Soak your hair with clean water before swimming, the strands will fill and absorb, so they won’t be able to soak up as much of the damaging chlorine water. Rinse after each exposure, if swimming often please ask me about clarifying shampoos and treatments to prevent discoloration and damage.

Following these 3 steps consistently will help you have more vibrant, healthy, stronger, and longer hair in no time..

If you’re ready to take your fall doo and brighten it up for summer we should start the transition process soon. I have monthly deals and a few new techniques up my sleeve- book online at
See you beauties soon!!!


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