Hi friends! I just wanted to give you a quick update, we’re definitely living life in the fast lane!! I’m sorry that I’ve left you hanging!

Business in the new space is phenomenal! The ambiance is so vibrant and I just can’t get enough of my purple wall! Slowly but surely we’re getting -life- put back together (installing shelves, putting together chairs and finding awesome vanity knobs.. the works, ya know?!) I must say, I underestimated the responsibility and effort of opening up my own salon space.  Kudos to those of you that have gone before me! Please don’t misunderstand; I am thoroughly enjoying the process. ((Decorating is my jam)) it’s just a lot of extra little to do’s in the grand scheme of things!! And by the grand scheme of things I mean, maintaining a strong and healthy heart, marriage, and community household. In everything that I do as an individual, wife, sister, friend and business owner I am praying and hoping God will be glorified!

I want to sincerely thank Cassie Coble, owner and chief operator of Classic Beauty. Cassie, it is a true pleasure to do business with you- THANK YOU so much for your time, sacrifice and all your efforts in welcoming me with open arms. Also, for the battle of the shampoo chair (It wasn’t pretty) but you showed it who was boss, I’m glad we all made it out safe.

Next, is a big thank you to my beloved husband Joshua- Having no idea what he was getting himself into, he gave me the go ahead to make the big jump. You’ve done so much to make my career dreams come true, I can never thank you enough for your endless support baby. All those free haircuts are finally starting to paying off!

Anyways, It’s so awesome to experience this new adventure with so much love! I can’t thank all of you enough for supporting our small business.
You are all appreciated! Walk in honor and glory today. xx


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