Welcoming 2015

The start of a new year often implements new changes-

Over 3 years ago, when I attended Paul Mitchell the School of Denver, I was given a dream. In short, I wanted to thrive as a iconic professional and be a part of an beauty empire. Paul Mitchell is NOT just a product, it is a lifestyle. It sounds crazy, but I’m serious…and loyal.

Being so fresh out of school when I began my career I had no idea how to make this vision come to fruition. I was scared, broke as a sick, sick joke, and way too easily influenced. My first position as a commission stylist was short lived due to my entrepreneurial backbone and expressive thoughts. I was left without a place of employment.. whats even worse, I had a small clientele to maintain. I had no choice but to adventure else where, I was gifted with an opportunity, shied from it for a week and then decided to take a leap of faith into the wonderful world of booth renting. (This is all another story for another testimonial time but sets up as an intro to my next process.)

For the last two years I have been operating my business as an Independent Stylist out of a salon downtown. While thus has been an amazing experience, I recently decided it was time to move forward and embrace change. I’m ready to grow, in all aspects! Basically, I’ve sat back for the last two years and allowed my career to be defined by others, turns out I was nothing short of disappointed and its nobody’s fault but my own. More than once I have wondered if this “empire” was more of an hallucination rather than an attainable calling.  I’ve sifted through daunting thoughts of new career paths, a bachelors degree and part time jobs. Dismissing them all, I’ve dedicated myself to staying passionate through the defining process. Now I’m motivated and inspired on a whole new level. I refuse to give up..I have a deep desire to build a business unlike any other.

My business has been my livelihood- and I’m finally ready to start giving it the care it deserves.  Starting from the ground up, I’m building a firm foundation. As for the rest, it will form slowly, surviving on consistency and professionalism.

You’re invited on this journey and I write all this to let my existing friends, clients and family know that I’ve made a BIG decision to change locations. Starting January 20th I will be operating full time in Golden, Co at Classic Beauty Studio! Classic Beauty is a radical full service salon that provides all your glamour needs at a price you can afford. Check out the Classic Beauty tab for more information about the services we offer!

If you have any questions in regards to our new home please give me a call directly at 970.531.9050! Thank you for reading, all of your continued love and support is appreciated!!


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